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Best Wises Whatsapp Status Best Sms in Hindi And English

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Hiii Guys Other day we was  friends one of my friend celebrating party enjoy soo we are friend think in mind we  make in all friend wishes  make status share our page We have collected a collection of new Best Massage and status, all people keep a smart cell phone  all member best event wise our friends and close friend and your girlfriend love share this post if you want to be new SMS and quotes sent your friends. Friends are the greatest gift of life and they are most important part of life so the friendship day is dedicated to friends. True friends are always with us whenever we are in trouble and they are also with us to enjoy our success and our happiness this one day is dedicated to friends so you can enjoy the day with your friends don't forget to wish them on the day. Share best Whatsapp status and best SMS all category provided funny status guilty status cute status and all festival type status Hindi and English.

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Best Wises Whatsapp Status Best Sms in Hindi And English,

Best Whatsapp-Status -in-Hindi-5
Best Whatsapp-Status -in-Hindi-5
  Romantic Sms Quotes Massage, Cute Whatsapp Status in Hindi

Har waqt rulata hai hadd se zyada vo,
Hum sapne mein bhi jisko Rone na dete..

Friendship is so weird… you just pick a human you’ve met and
 you’re like “yup I like this one” and you just do stuff with them.

\Kash phir milaney ki wo wajah mil jaye,
Saath jitna bhi bitaya wo pal mil jaye,
 Chalo apni apni aankhey band kar le,
Kya pta khwabo m gujra hua kal mil jaye

हमारे कुछ गुनाहों की सज़ा भी साथ चलती है,
हम अब तन्हा नहीं चलते दवा भी साथ चलती है
अभी ज़िन्दा है माँ मेरी मुझे कुछ भी नहीं होगा,
मैं जब घर से निकलता हूँ दुआ भी साथ चलती है

Ajeeb rishta raha kuch apno se mera,
Na nafrat ki wajah mili na pyar ka sila

Whoever says "Good Morning" on Monday's deserves to get slapped :)

Kale Rahna Mera Attitude hai..??
Aukhe Vele Yaar Da.. 4 Dina de Pyar Da.. Pata Lag hi Janda hai..

Uski Yaadon me Raat Gujar jati hai,
Uske liye Aankhen Bhaar aati hai,
Mushkil Hai Usko ye keh Pana ki,
Tere Bin Dhadkan Bhi Thaam jati hai..

Ek aakhri bar tumse masumiyat se milna chahti hu.....
Ek aakhri bar phir se pahle wale pyar me padna chahti hu.....
Ek Akhri bar tumse bichdne ka moka chahti hu...
Ek Akhri bar phir sejina chahti hu...

Sharma ji ki party me dinner karte hue
Verma ji ke pas Mrs Sharma akar boli:
Bhaisaab,apne to kuch liya hi nahi!
Or 1 chicken ka leg-piece utha ke unki plate mein rakh diya.
Party khatam hone par Sharma ji ne Verma ji se puchha:
Khana kaisa tha?
Verma Ji: Dishes to sabhi badiya thi,
par end mein bhabhi ji ne jo taang utha ke di, maza aa gaya!

New Best Wises Whatsapp Status in English

Best Quotes Massage And Status For Friends
Best Whatsapp-Status -in-Hindi-1
Best Whatsapp-Status -in-Hindi-1
मास्टर जी एक होटल में ख़ाली कटोरी में रोटी डुबो-डुबो कर खा रहे थे।
वेटर ने पूछा:
मास्टरजी ख़ाली कटोरी में कैसे खा रहे हैं?
मास्टर जी:
भइया, हम गणित के अध्यापक हैं।
दाल हमने ‘मान ली’ है।

Nayi Padosanki Khidki Khuli Uski Julfe Udi ,
Santa Ne Socha Ki Shayad Is Bar Kismat Khuli,
Par Afsos Wo Din Itwar Tha ,
Aur Khuli Julfo Wala Sardar Tha :: santa banta sms in hindi ::

Never do something permanently stupid
just because you are temporarily upset.

Everything happens for a reason but sometimes reason is that
you’re stupid and you make bad decisions.    …more funny whatsapp status

People with high ego and unnecessary attitude deserves the standing ovation of the tallest finger...

Rakh Sako To Ek Nishani Hai Hum,_ Bhul Jao To
Ek Kahani Hai Hum !!..Khushi Ki Dhoop Ho Ya Gham Ke
Badal & Dono Mein Jo Barse Wo Pani Hain Hum...!!

I like those having national hearts and international minds….

Life is very precious, enjoy from your heart. Don’t wait for someone to make it tough.

A woman is like a tea bag, you cannot tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

“There’s no such thing as addiction, there’s only things that you enjoy doing more than life.” – Doug Stanhope

 I Don’T Regret My Past. I Just Regret The Time I Have Wasted With The Wrong People.

2016 Best Sms in Hindi

Romantic Love Status For Girlfriend in Hindi And English
Best Whatsapp-Status -in-Hindi-2
Best Whatsapp-Status -in-Hindi-2
Let Us Pray Sacred Mantras, In The Praise Of Eternal Savior:
Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram. Wish You Be Accompanied
With Auspiciousness And Blessings Of Ram Navami.

Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, ends with a tear.
 When you were born, you were crying and everyone
around you was smiling. Live your life so that when you die,
 you’re the one smiling and everyone around you is crying.

Some people are like clouds when they go away the day gets brighter.

I wanted to see the place where Margaret grew to what she is,
even at the worst time of all, when I had no hope of ever calling her mine…

Do your own thing on your own terms and get what you came here for. -Oliver James

The difference between girl friend and boy friend is that little tiny space they call the friend zone.

 When I’m on my death bed, I want my final words to be “I left one million dollars in the…

 I loved a girl and she broke my heart.
Now every piece of my heart love different girls.
People called it flirt that's not fair…

Sometimes, the people you think dont want to talk to you are the ones waiting for you to talk to them.

Sometimes, people don’t notice the things we do for them, until we stop doing it.

 If you’re talking abt me behind mah back…..
 go ahead this is the best angel to kiss mah ass!

Cool Whatsapp Status in English and Hindi

 50 Letest Sad Whatsapp Status, Sad Quotes, in Hindi

We are given only a small time to be in this earth.
So never waste your valuable time by reading my statuses.

One day you’re going to wake up and notice that you should’ve tried. I was worth the fight.

Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit ….wisdom is not putting is a fruit salad.

Many beautiful flowers in the world but my flower is you.
You are most beautiful than others,I Love you my lovely rose.

Your whatsapp status say’s online …..If your online then ,why aren’t you msg me!

 Sometimes one middle finger isn’t enough to let someone know how you feel.
 That’s why you have two hands.

When i was born, i was so surprised, I didn’t talk for a year and half.

ज़िन्दगी से आप जो भी बेहतर से बेहतर ले सकते हो ले लो
क्यूंकि जब ज़िन्दगी लेने पर आती है तो साँसे तक भी ले जाती है

Love is the other NAME Of Respect, if you can’t Respect
your loved One then you don’t deserve to be loved.

मौत से इसलिए भी डरता हूँ कि उस ऊपरवाले को क्या मुँह दिखाऊंगा …
      क्योकि यहाँ मैँने खुदा किसी और को माना था !!

Best Quotes Sms in Hindi

Best Whatsapp-Status -in-Hindi-4
Best Whatsapp-Status -in-Hindi-4
Attitute Status Sad Status Whatsapp Status in Hindi

Yesterday is history,_Tomorrow is a mystery,
_Today is a gift._so That why it's called the present -

Life is short don’t waste it being sad., be happy, be free, be whatever you want to be in life..… -

सुन पगली हम तो ‪#‎Shauk‬ से ‪#‎Status‬ लिखते है,
पर लोगो को सच-मुच का ‪#‎Shock‬ लग जाते है.

Winters are never cold if you have warm memories of someone special :)

Sometimes life just seems like chapters. Some good,
some bad, but all come together to create the story of our lives

मेरी यादो मे तुम हो, या मुझ मे ही तुम हो, मेरे खयालो मे तुम हो,
 या मेरा खयाल ही तुम हो, दिल मेरा धडक के पूछे, बार बार एक ही बात,
    मेरी जान मे तुम हो, या मेरी जान ही तुम हो…!!!!

If you can’t find your better half,
 try finding your better two quarters.

In today's world, the key to success is to delete your ..
Whatsapp & Facebook account! -

Dear Lord, there is a bug in your software...
 It's called #Sunday, please fix it !

I don’t have an attitude problem,
I just have a personality that you can’t handle.

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Every day if you want to share new update collection for your close friend, Then we will make a new status and we will be happy best wishes all friends

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