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Funny Jokes For Whatsapp, Jokes in Hindi

Posted by Vinod Yadav
Hiiiii My Blog  Readers Today I want to share with you new funny status for Whatsapp. If you like the funny jokes you can see from this page by copy-paste, Always according to the needs of our blog readers put new jokes to keep the post , so I have not had a blog Visitors. The routine of today 's analog Caye man to do something for fun , the rest were from Duda part of life, Visitors to my blog ,

I hope that they would love these funny and Let me also comment for manipulating it. Today you see a post that is sought after putting my blog readers are. We have already posted quotes status and was also funny , witty status Provide feeds our readers, New post on this blog you will find funny jokes funny , funny status and lovers funny new status , you can expect to see in this post , who your friends close friends or with your girlfriends can share with your wife . 
The jokes you can share the post by selecting the Copy-paste. I am telling you , this post I want to share with you and share your feelings . Which may leave you feeling good and I can get the rest.

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Funny Jokes in English,

Funny Jokes Picture
Funny Jokes Picture
Ohh Please !!
No Ways!!!
Can they carry 8kg of shopping bag?
Can they go a week eating only salad?
Can they face a heart break?

पत्थर की दुनिया जज़्बात नही समझती,
दिल में क्या है वो बात नही समझती,
तन्हा तो चाँद भी सितारों के बीच में है,
पर चाँद का दर्द वो रात नही समझती…

Man: How did you compromise with your wife?
Husband: She came to me on her feet.
Man: and what she said?
Husband: i was down to bad and she said come out, i will not say you anything...

Student1 :Do you want to hear a dirty joke?
Student 2: OK
Student 1: A white horse fell in the mud

Good Jokes In Hindi,

 Santa went to temple & saw people puting coin in box & praying
Santa: Wow! How amazing. People are talking to
 God through coin phone without receiver

Scientists say the universe is made up of neutrons,
protons and electrons. They forgot to mention morons.

Old Irish Curse - May those that love us love us, and those that don’t love us,
 may God turn their hearts. If He can’t turn their hearts,
 may He turn their ankles, so we’ll know them by their limping!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Needle who?
Needle little money for the movies
Good Jokes Image
Good Jokes Image

Joke Of The Day For Whatsapp,

Romantic Friendship Status love Status Whatsapp Status in Hindi
Who’s there? Banana. Banana who? Knock, knock. Who’s there?
 Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

Meri lovely GF ke Shadi ka card mila bahut bura laga yaar,
baad me soocha, shadi me jauga jarur
kyko love apne jagah hai aur
Lazedar puri-sabji, pulao apni jahah

Whatsapp group mein maun rehkar,
Sirf messages padhne walo ke liye
Zabardast offer!!!…
Bhootpurva PradhanMantri
Shri Manmohan Singh ji
Apna whatsapp group bana rahe hain..
Kripaya turant JOIN kar lein!!!
“First come first serve only

पति: सुनो, अगर मैं नगरसेवक बन गया न तो सारे शहर को बदल डालूँगा…
अगर मुख्यमंत्री बना तो पूरा मघ्यप्रदेश बदल डालूँगा… और प्रधानमंत्री बन गया न
तो सारा देश बदल दूंगा… 😳पत्नी:- तुम्हें मोदी ने काटा

Knock Knock Jokes,

Knock Knock Jokes Image
Knock Knock Jokes Image
Height WHATSAPP forwards ..!!
: Sardaar ko uska Sasur joote mar raha tha…
Ek Aadmi: Kyun maar rahe ho is ko…???
Sasur: Maine isko hospital se whatsapp kiya ki 'Tum Baap Ban Gye Ho…'
Saale ne usko  bhi 50 doston ko forward kar diya…

डॉक्टर : कल रात को क्या खाया था??
लड़का : बर्गर, पिज़्ज़ा और कोक..
डॉक्टर : देखो यह फ़ेसबुक नही है सच बताओ..
लड़का : जी लौकी.

Saali : Pyaar kab hota hai??
Jija : Jab raahu, ketu aur Sani ki dasa kharab ho,
aapka mangal kamzor ho aur bhagwan maje lene ke mood me ho

He : तुम उँचा सुनती हो क्या??
She : नही तो!!
He : तो यह कान में मशीन क्यू लगा रखी है??
She : यह मशीन नही है Bluetooth हैं शाले देहाती…
He : झंड .

Short Jokes For Facebook,

Funny Jokas. Love Jokes Quotes Status in Hindi
A man goes to the doctor and says, “Doctor, wherever I touch, it hurts.”
The doctor asks, “What do you mean?”
The man says, “When I touch my shoulder, it really hurts. If I touch my knee –
 OUCH! When I touch my forehead, it really, really hurts.”
The doctor says, “I know what’s wrong with you – you’ve broken your finger!”

एक बार ‪#‎मायावती‬ भाषण दे रही थी बोली – मैने सारी दुनिया देख रखी है,
अौर दुनिया के # कौने कौने मै जा चुकी हुं,
इतनै मे भीङ में बेठै प्रशांत नै कहा क्यो झुठ बोलती हो,
कभी सुसराल गयी है…क्या

Funny Sms in English for Friends,
Funny Sms Image
Funny Sms Image
I'm looking for a bank loan which can perform two things..
give me a Loan and then leave me Alone.

परीक्षा के बाद बच्चे और ऑपरेशन के बाद डॉक्टर एक ही चीज़ कहते हैं,
” कुछ कह नहीं सकते, बस दुआ करें “

जीवन में सबसे कठिन कार्य यह समझ पाना है कि कौन
 से पुल तो पार करें, और कौन से नष्ट करें।” – अज्ञात

True Friends Quotes in Hindi Status For Whatsapp
Whatsapp Quotes In Hindi Cool Status For Whatsapp
Funny Jokas. Love Jokes Quotes Status in Hindi

I hope if you share this post.Just polish your feelings getting the ideas and extend the emotions using the following statuses for your facebook or WhatsApp profiles. 
This is the best place to get the most attractive and impressive Whatsapp statuses.  Like one of the statuses “It’s sad when you realize you are not as important to someone as you thought you were”.
The above-discussed status is most impressive and literally, it’s really a practical approach and this is the reality of the world as well. People pretend to show that they consider you important, but actually, it’s not like that.

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