Sunday, 10 July 2016

Happy Friendship day 2016

Posted by Vinod Yadav
Hello. My All Bolg Readers, After the same day, will be going on Friendship Day. today I would like Want to Share my FriendShip Day Views. Friendship Day means a day of friendship .Now you would think that all good people attach so much importance to the friendship of the people of the day, In India, every day , every night with friends to get. In fact, thinking and demands of South Friendship Day, The importance of friends in life are little.
Happy Friendship Day Image
Happy Friendship Day Image
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Friendship Day in India,

In India since ancient times many many examples of friendship has been reported, For the sake of the friendship of Sugriva helped Ram.  Krishna and Sudama friendship give the example of the era , and since time is coming, Widespread in India than in the West extends friendship. In this society , people living in more mixed

Starting on Friendship Day Quotes,

Recognizing the importance of friends in the person 's life.And friends to thank and honor the US Congress in 1935 to celebrate Friendship Day to be announced. Following the announcement of the US Congress, the nation began to celebrate Friendship Day on different days, in India August Month is celebrated on the first Sunday. since 2011united- Nations - Organisation , the day to celebrate love than ever with uniformity and International Friendship Day declared on 30 July Select photo, Yet most of this year same country  Will celebrate on July five, 

It is a relationship of friendship , which we create. A friend of my heart all the things we have.Love , trust, and mutual understanding is the relationship are friendship.Caste, creed and gender relation of friendship do not know borders. Boy and Girl on a friendship in our society seem to question people often have, Instead of taking on him.Has person signs a friendship is effortless.
 Girl and boy on the friendship of a fear that it was going to question it , to not love one another, He would love all , but that's my take no love seem to have broken the penitential.

      "Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.

Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Walk beside me and be my friend." 
Friendship Day Picture
Friendship Day Picture

Happy Friendship Day,

This beautiful idea of celebrating friendship day 2016 was Joyfully accepted by several other countries other countries across the world and today many countries  including India.  Lot many social and cultural organization to celebrate the occasion  and mark Friendship Day by hosting programs and get together.

Friendship Day today, we hope that society will change its ideology and society in the world, the new wave will form friendships

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